Canada's NDP


March 9th, 2020

Hughes marks International Women`s Day in Parliament

Ottawa – With parliament reconvening after a constituency week, Algoma-Manitoulin-Kapuskasing MP, Carol Hughes reminded MPs there is so much work that remains to ensure women are full and equal partners in society.

"Yesterday was International Women’s Day and while we celebrated gains that have been made, there is still much work left to do,” said Hughes.

The MP went on to itemize the challenges that MPs should concern themselves with such as barriers to women’s full economic, social and political participation in our society, the need for pay equity legislation, an affordable national universal child care program, affordable housing.

Hughes also challenged MPs to work to address violence against women and reject all restrictions on women’s reproductive rights; to improve the lives of indigenous women and girls; and to address the specific challenges faced by women of colour, members from the LGBTQI2S+ and the disability community.

"A long list for sure but, all women deserve fairness, affordability, opportunity, value, the freedom to live without fear,” said Hughes.