Great Lakes Facing Threats on Two Fronts

As we turn our attention to the cottage and camping season, travelers, campers and anglers are looking forward to getting out on the lakes, soak in the sun, and drop a line. The Great Lakes in particular draw a huge number of people every year. It’s a time-honoured tradition and way of life for families across the country. However, there are two very significant issues that, combined, represent a substantial threat to the ecosystems of the Great Lakes.
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June 24

This Canada Day has a Special Meaning

This year's Canada Day celebrations are returning with a bang!  As we prepare to enjoy the relative normalcy and raise a glass to the outstanding accomplishments and achievements of our nation, it is important to acknowledge this significant date in an atmosphere of appreciation.
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June 17

Delays at Airports and with Passports both Predictable and Preventable

After the past two years, people are getting ready to travel the world once again. A surge in travelers was to be expected. Whether people are looking to meet family in other countries, attend international business meetings, or just trying to take a well-deserved vacation, the demand for travel has seldom been higher. However, that demand is hitting a few bottlenecks that keep the experience from being pleasant, with delays, cancellations and chaos at airports adding to travelers’...
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June 16

Hughes Encourages Canadians to Visit AMK

OTTAWA – “Canadians are looking forward to the summer activities and seeing all that this great country has to offer. For those looking for a great tourist destination, Algoma-Manitoulin-Kapuskasing has it all.” This was the message MP Carol Hughes had for Parliamentarians and Canadians looking for a great summer getaway as the season quickly approaches.
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June 10

It’s Time to Get Real About Canada’s Toxic Drug Supply

The opioid crisis is reaching a tipping point in Canada. It’s a problem that is ripping through major metropolitan centres and rural towns in equal measure but has unfortunately largely taken a back seat to another dominant health challenge of our time, the Covid-19 pandemic. The legacy of opioids will be more enduring, and the challenges ahead of the crisis have fewer clear answers, but it’s a problem that we must tackle head-on.
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June 3

Celebrating Indigenous Culture and Advancing Reconciliation

This past year unveiled a dark and tragic chapter of Canadian history. Having witnessed the discovery of the multiple unmarked burial sites at former residential schools, our hearts are aching from grief, loss and regret. We know that expressing our sympathies is not enough. The reality is cruel to grasp. However, despite our collective shock and disbelief, we must acknowledge our nation’s shameful legacy as it sends a concrete reminder of the necessity to reflect on how Canadian society...
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May 26

Decision to Ban Huawei Long Overdue

The government has finally made the right decision in banning Huawei and ZTE from Canada’s 5G wireless network. This decision puts us in line with our Five Eyes allies, Australia, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, and the United States, who have all banned Huawei and ZTE from their respective 5G networks over credible security concerns about these companies.
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May 20

Ottawa’s $10b Loan for TMX Sidelines Climate Action and Affordability

Last week, the government approved a $10-billion loan guarantee for the Trans Mountain pipeline expansion. This is in stark contrast to the Finance Minister’s comments in February, where she stated “There will be no additional public money invested in TMC (Trans Mountain Corp.) TMC will secure necessary funding to complete the project through third-party financing, either in the public debt markets or with financial institutions.”
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May 19

NDP wins fight to reinstate border services at most small vessel sites

OTTAWA – With summer fast approaching and international tourism increasing, travelers and cruise operators can breathe a sigh of relief following the decision by the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) to resume services at most small vessel reporting sites for customs services. Over the past weeks, NDP MPs have fought in parliament and behind the scenes to get results on reinstating CBSA services at most small vessel sites.
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May 13

Government Needs to Follow Through on Canada Disability Benefit

Last summer, during the second-last sitting day before the House of Commons adjourned, the Government tabled Bill C-35, which would have established the Canada Disability Benefit. Once the Prime Minister called the Federal election, Bill C-35 died, without a vote or even a moment of debate. It’s a bill that New Democrats were hoping to get a chance to examine, and one that we would have liked to amend and improve upon. However, to this day, despite being a major measure in the...
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