Webbwood and Walford Postal outlets saved. Updated mailboxes for Zhiibaahaasing FN: Hughes

Elliot Lake – Residents of Walford and Webbwood won’t have to travel to other communities for postal services now that the future of their outlets has been secured, and Zhiibaahaasing First Nation will soon see new community mailboxes, according to Algoma-Manitoulin-Kapuskasing MP, Carol Hughes.

Hughes explained that the future of the Post Offices were very much in doubt.  She says that by working in concert with the townships and residents, both outlets were able to avoid the planned closures that Canada Post had given her notice of.

“I started hearing about the Walford Station Post Office from residents there 6 months ago,” said Hughes. “It was obvious the community was ready to fight to maintain these services right from the start.”

“The community rallied, town council supported us, and our Member of Parliament worked with us,” said Walford resident,” Cheryl Phillips. “People here really wanted to keep their post office.”

“I was in touch with the Township to Sables-Spanish River as soon as Canada Post informed me of their plans to convert the Webbwood post office to super mailboxes and close their outlet,” says Hughes.  “I asked them not to agree to the proposal which would put them in the same position they found themselves in when Canada Post was planning  to close the Walford Station Post Office.   More time was needed to find a resolution.”

Hughes is glad that service has been maintained, stating that postal services are important to these towns.

“I think the way these communities rallied was impressive,” said Hughes. “Working with the Township, people like Cheryl Phillips, Austin and Margaret Clipperton, and Stewart’s General Store showed that decisions can be reversed when the right pressure is applied.  Without a strong community effort I doubt either outlet would have survived. But they both did and I was happy to be a part of it.”

“Ultimately, both Walford  & Webbwood will now maintain their postal services in the original locations,” said Hughes.  “ Zhiibaahaasing First Nation is getting some good news too because we were able to facilitate the move to new community mailboxes that will replace decrepit, rural group mailboxes in that community.