Violence against northern women not on government's radar

Ottawa – Every year domestic violence drives 100,000 women and children out of their homes and into shelters, but the government is doing less and less to assist these victims of crime, according to Algoma-Manitoulin-Kapuskasing MP, Carol Hughes.

Hughes says the problem is worse in the north where there are fewer options to separate a victim from her attacker.

“In northern Canada the problem is extreme and more women face abuse,” said Hughes. “Yet, despite greater rates of violence, 70% of northern and remote communities do not have safe houses or emergency shelters.”

Hughes accuses the government of glossing over the problem with money that has already been committed and is not even keeping pace with inflation.

“The government should do more, but they are doing less to help women in the north escape violence,” said Hughes. “The so-called “Action Plan” is nothing more than the re-announcement of money that has already been promised.”

For Hughes, the government does not take this problem seriously enough despite their claims to support victims.  Hughes insists New Democrats would do thing differently.

“We will not accept a frontier mentality that excuses abuse and violence as part of a rugged northern lifestyle,” said Hughes.