Time to find money for First Nations education: Hughes

Ottawa – The single item that will make the greatest difference for education on First Nations is proper funding, which should have been included in the budget, says Algoma-Manitoulin-Kapuskasing MP, Carol Hughes.

During Question Period today, Hughes noted that the government finally admits there is a problem, but still won’t supply the necessary cash.

“Liberals and Conservatives have repeatedly promised adequate funding, but always for later – after the next election,” said Hughes. “It’s a day that never comes.”

Hughes questioned the government’s uninspired budget which aims to horde a surplus at the expense of many things, including chronically underfunded schools on First Nations.  The MP asked the Minister to change his plans which delays funding to a later budgetary cycle.

“Today is “have a heart day,” said Hughes. “Why won’t the Minister show that he has a heart, and announce that he’s going to realize Shannon’s Dream, and start providing adequate funding for First Nations schools today?”