This week, we commemorate the 143rd anniversary of the formation of our great nation.

This week, we commemorate the 143rd anniversary of the formation of our great nation.

Canada Day has always been an opportunity for Canadians to stand up and celebrate the things that make our great nation so unique. It is a day of longstanding traditions that allows everyone to come together and enjoy the fruits of their efforts that have made this country as strong, diverse, and proud as any nation on Earth. It is a day where we can put aside our differences, let down our guards, and come together as a nation of people who have a deep-seeded love for this land.

I believe this year will be a Canada Day to remember. The Canadian mentality, particularly when viewed through the eyes of people outside of our nation, has always been one of humbleness; of a nation whose commitment to modesty and politeness seemed to work against how we vocalize our national pride. This year, however, we seem to have collectively decided that voicing our national pride does not mean that we have to abandon our humbleness.

The Vancouver 2010 Olympic Games seemed to have given us a reason to stand up and show how proud we are of Canada. During those 16 days, we welcomed the world to our door, exhibited the hospitality we’ve always been known for, while we collectively showed that our land is vast, unique, and diverse. Seas of red and white flags and sweaters became a staple wherever you looked. All of a sudden, we seemed to be encouraged to put our national pride on display. The games were a formative event in Canadian history, and I believe the pride they helped us develop will continue for generations to come.

Canada Day is a time to sit back and enjoy the company of friends, family, and fellow Canadians. People all over Algoma-Manitoulin-Kapuskasing will spend the day taking in the festivities. Whether you decide to soak up the sun on Manitoulin Island, take in the fireworks display at the Blind River Marine Park, or be a part of any number of events from Wawa to Moonbeam to Espanola, everyone should seize the opportunity to enjoy the richness of our profound cultural heritage.

To all of my constituents, I wish you a safe, eventful, and happy holiday.

Happy Birthday Canada!