Ottawa – Algoma-Manitoulin-Kapuskasing MP, Carol Hughes is publicly thanking Hornepayne Mayor Gene Belanger and his council for their efforts to save the Northstar Centre as the Centre is set to wind up a thirty year operating run at the end of the month when the doors will close for good.

The Centre’s 37 apartments will remain as a result of provincial money that will be used to sever them from the complex. The rest of the facility including the public pool, library and gymnasium will require a new home as the Centre will be demolished.

“It’s a real shame that the provincial Liberals were not prepared to assist the community in their time of need and would only come up with money for the closure of the facility, but had nothing to help the town keep the Centre operational,” said Hughes. “I am not alone in thinking the Hornepayne economy will turn around in the next year and will require these services even more than the town needs them now.”

While the province has provided some money for the severing of the apartment complex and the Centre’s closure, Hughes was also upset with the Federal government who only offered to help with a feasibility study when it was too late for such a study to do any good.

“They were a day late and a dollar short in my opinion,” added Hughes. “With the record amount of stimulus money just spent, it is a real shame none went to this project, where it could have made a tremendous impact.”

While some people had predicted the Centre would face a difficult future, the town continued to hope that investors could be found to keep it operational. That hope faded last spring as the last potential investor advised the town that he would not be coming forward with any cash without a commitment from the provincial government. Despite the town’s best efforts, another solution could not be found and the Centre will close on September 30, 2010.