Prime Minister makes prorogation official

not rushing back to difficult question periods: Hughes

Elliot Lake - Just days ahead of the International Day of Democracy (September15th ), the Prime Minister announced he will prorogue parliament which will delay the start of the fall sitting for a full month.  While the move was widely expected after months of speculation, the Prime Minister made it official today.

Algoma-Manitoulin-Kapuskasing MP, Carol Hughes says that the proximity to the International Day of Democracy is certainly just coincidence, but feels the effect of Stephen Harper’s multiple self-serving prorogations and the negative effect on democracy in Canada aren’t.

“Democracy is about participation in the process of governing,” said Hughes.  “When Stephen Harper locks the doors to parliament again and again, it limits participation which leads to cynicism towards our political system.  I think that’s a shame”

Many feel Harper is proroguing parliament to give his government more time to recover from the Senate expense scandal that has reached as far as the Prime Minister’s Office and forced the resignation of his Chief of Staff.

“I’m sure he wasn’t looking forward to parliament’s return, “ said Hughes.  “Tom Mulcair was making it extremely difficult for the Prime Minister to deny knowledge of, or a role in the whole Senator Duffy affair.  He knows that is what is waiting for him when we finally get back to parliament.”