Nurse week let’s us celebrate incredible health care professionals: Hughe

Ottawa – Nurses are vital to our health care system, especially in the north where the struggle to attract and retain doctors is notorious, according to Algoma-Manitoulin-Kapuskasing, MP Carol Hughes.

Hughes paid tribute to the ‘backbone’ of our health delivery system in a statement delivered in  the House of Commons Wednesday to mark Nurse Week, 2016.

“Canadians are rightfully proud of our health care system which has become a defining feature of our country and our identity, and much of what we celebrate - in large part - nurses deliver,” said Hughes. “Nowhere is this more obvious than in the north where doctors are a scarce resource and communities lean on nurses and nurse-practitioners to get so much of the job done.”

Hughes pointed out that the role of nurses will become more vital to Canadians as our population ages, adding the profession is still dominated by women.

“It is these nurses who help us through some of our most difficult and vulnerable times - playing so many roles from caregiver, to confidant, to counsellor,” said Hughes. “The slogan for National Nurse Week is “With you every step of the way” and one only has to encounter our health system in a time of need to learn how true that is.