Now is the time for action on Ring of Fire

OTTAWA – While Northern Ontarians wait for the development of the Ring of Fire project, Canada’s Treasury Board president is lowering expectations and downplaying his government’s failure to deliver.


Following comments made by the President of the Treasury Board last week, NDP MP Carol Hughes (Algoma—Manitoulin—Kapuskasing) called on the Minister of Natural Resources to answer for his colleagues comments:


Carol Hughes:

The reality is that the President of the Treasury Board was in Northern Ontario last week to lecture northern businesses about why he doesn’t think the Conservatives should do anything to unlock the potential of the Ring of Fire.


Northern Ontarians and First Nation communities - already fed up with the delays - were not amused.


The Ontario Chamber of Commerce called the Minister’s comments perplexing and underlined that Conservative delays are holding up thousands of jobs for Northern Ontario.


Does the Natural Resources Minister agree with his colleague that Northern Ontarians should take a hike?


Caro Hughes:

On a trip through northern Ontario, the President of the Treasury Board said that the government would not invest in the Ring of Fire project. That economic conditions were not favourable. 


The Ontario Chamber of Commerce couldn’t believe it - the government’s explanations just don’t add up. 


The government should be encouraging development opportunities, not impeding them. The people of Northern Ontario deserve respect and decent jobs. Why won’t the Minister support them?