Northerners getting a one-two punch from Canada Pos

Elliot Lake –The Conservatives have been building to the point where Canadians will lose home postal delivery, according to Algoma-Manitoulin-Kapuskasing MP, Carol Hughes.

Hughes was reacting to the announcement this week that five million households will lose home delivery and as many as 8,000 postal employees will lose their jobs due to declining revenues.

“This is the inevitable outcome of the Conservatives’ decision to force Canada Post out of the lucrative international mail market,” said Hughes. “They did that in 2010, and that move broke Canada Post.  Now we lose the services and jobs.”

Hughes says this is part of a double pronged attack on northern and rural communities who are also dealing with the loss of mail sorting jobs as local processing is now being done out of Toronto.

“It’s just a downward spiral for Canada Post in the north,” said Hughes. “We just get word of one thing and they whack us with another.  What is sad is how this whole scenario was avoidable, but the Conservatives only see public jobs as bad things.”

The move will hit the most vulnerable the hardest.  Seniors and the disabled, especially those with mobility issues, will be the most affected by the loss of home delivery.

“A lot of our communities in the north have populations that are more elderly,” said Hughes. “I already hear about a number of difficulties with super-mailboxes and that will only become more commonplace.”

Hughes believes the job losses in smaller communities will hurt more than Canada Post is prepared to admit.

“We can’t all live in Toronto or Calgary, but those are the kinds of places that these decisions are being gauged against,” said Hughes. “It just isn’t fair and Canadians deserve much better.”