Ottawa – Carol Hughes is lauding the passage of an important Climate Change Bill and the continued success of another bill that will bring an element of fairness to the Canada pension deductions for members of Canada’s military and RCMP.

Both bills were sponsored by New Democrats and have received support from other parties to enjoy the success they have had.

C-201, sponsored by MP Peter Stoffer, deals with the Canada pension deductions, otherwise known as claw-backs, that happen if members of the military or RCMP become disabled or collect Canada pension disability and how it relates to their superannuation. In straight forward terms, It seeks to ensure that these people are not penalized unfairly for the service they have given this country.

“Supporting this bill is a no-brainer,” said Hughes. “Ultimately, it fixes an oversight that was made when the Canada pension plan was first set up. What is amazing is that this is the third time this bill has gone through Parliament. It is time for the government to get the message and make this happen for our Veterans and retired RCMP officers.”

Because the bill requires Royal Assent it cannot move on to third reading in order to pass through the House, something that C-311, otherwise known as the Climate Change Accountability Act, actually did last night.

“That bill is a real step forward for Canadians concerned about climate change and national responsibility,” stated Hughes. “This is the second time New Democrats have passed a climate change bill and again, the only party to oppose it was the Conservatives. With the G-8 meetings coming to Canada next month, we would like to see the government take this bill and push for these kinds of commitments from the richest countries who can afford to lead by example.”