Ottawa - Canadians suffering from MS feel they shouldn’t have to leave the country to receive a hopeful new treatment. That is the message Carol Hughes delivered to the House of Commons today as she tabled a petition to make liberation therapy available in Canada.

“In my constituency there are a lot of people fundraising to get treatment abroad” said Hughes. “This is happening all across Canada.”

The therapy, developed by Italian Dr. Paolo Zamboni, involves widening neck veins that have been constricted in order to improve blood flow from the brain

The petition calls on the federal government to take immediate action on this matter so that MS patients can receive the liberation therapy in Canada and includes the fast-tracking of funding for surveillance, research and dissemination of findings; providing urgent pre-screening imaging services; and working with provinces and territories for swift adoption of the procedures.

“There are many people suffering with MS who are very hopeful for this procedure and feel they should not have to travel to far-away places to be able to undergo what is a very common procedure,” said Hughes..

MS patients feel discriminated against simply because they have MS and point out that they are being denied a treatment that is performed daily on non-MS patients in Canada.