Ottawa – Local news outlets are getting the job done in Canada’s smaller and remote markets, says Carol Hughes, MP for Algoma-Manitoulin-Kapuskasing. At the top of the list are the local papers that keep smaller places informed on a weekly basis.

Congratulating the Manitoulin Expositor on celebrating its’ 131st anniversary yesterday, Hughes remarked how local papers are an irreplaceable part in the life of smaller communities, the type that make up her constituency.

“When you don’t have any communities big enough to support true daily papers, the role that weekly papers play becomes of primary importance in terms of telling our stories and reporting our news,” said Hughes. “We’ve got great local coverage from one end of the riding to the other and it’s these smaller papers that are getting it done.”

Hughes, who is the MP for the 4th largest constituency in Canada, noted that the Expositor wasn’t merely celebrating its anniversary but also a win in the Ontario Community Newspaper Association, Better Newspaper Awards for Best Feature/News Series for papers with a circulation under 9,999.

“In this riding, these kinds of papers are the connective tissue for every community. From the Echo in Manitouwadge to le Nord in Hearst, bilingual papers such as the Weekender in Kapuskasing and Bonjour Dubreuiville, whether it’s the Algoma Journal, the North Shore Sentinel, the Elliot Lake Standard, and the Mid North Monitor, all these papers deserve recognition for the work that they do,” remarked Hughes. “For the Expositor, the award is a nice touch, but the longevity of the paper is the real testament to its value in the community.”