Hughes marches in solidarity for women’s rights

Sudbury – Algoma-Manitoulin-Kapuskasing, MP Carol Hughes joined the women’s march in Sudbury on Saturday to add her voice to those calling for a world where women are equal in every way.

Hughes notes the march has taken on international significance since the first one was held in Washington, DC last year in response to allegations of sexual misconduct aimed at US President, Donald Trump.

“Events like these show that we believe society still has a long way to go until women are not just considered equal, but also treated equally,” said Hughes. “This also serves as notice that we will not surrender any gains we have made so far.”

Hughes says that recent events have shown her that there is a strong appetite to challenge the status quo and make real headway on issues.

“I see the #MeToo movement as something of a watershed moment,” said Hughes.  “It is allowing us to challenge people who hold a lot of power in our society and hold them to account for their actions.”

Hughes believes that women’s issues cover a lot of ground and notes that people march for diverse reasons in search of a common goal.

“This isn’t limited to a narrow interpretation of women's rights,” said Hughes.  “We are marching in support of immigration, healthcare, reproductive rights, how we treat our environment, LGBTQ rights, racial equality, and workers' rights. We are marching to continue the struggle for greater equality and a more just society - things we should be able to achieve if we make them real priorities.”