Hughes continues to push the government on Algoma Passenger Train

Ottawa – Algoma-Manitoulin-Kapuskasing, MP Carol Hughes is reminding the government that a small federal investment will have a big impact for the communities, businesses, and property owners that will be served by a revived Algoma Passenger Train.

Hughes has delivered a number of petitions recently on behalf of signatories from across Canada who recognize the economic value and greater safety that passenger services offer. 

“The petitioners remain concerned that the Algoma passenger train is still not operating,” said Hughes. “They indicate that this has created, and continues to create, substantial hardships to the residents, businesses, and others who relied on the train”

Hughes pointed out that the shock to the local economy continues to mount in the train’s absence.

“They are saying that the economic impact on the area is getting worse and that there is no reliable and safe alternative to get to their properties and businesses,” said Hughes.  “These petitioners note that alternate forms of transportation are not reliable, year-round, and in some cases are non-existent.”

The Minister of Transport is being asked to commit to putting this passenger train back on the rails