Hughes calls for hope and solidarity after tragic mall collapse

MP says community needs to remain united as emergency crew continues efforts

 OTTAWA – While the town of Elliot Lake is still recovering from Saturday’s fatal roof-collapse at the Algo Mall. Local MP Carol Hughes is encouraging everyone to stay united and positive as emergency crews continue their efforts.

“The damage is extensive and many people in the area have been touched by this,” said Hughes. “Our immediate concern is the well-being of the residents of Elliot Lake.”

 With frustrations rising as emergency efforts move incrementally, Hughes is urging patience with the process and especially for the professionals who are doing everything they can.

 "This is such an emotional time for everyone, I can understand why so many questions are being raised,” said Hughes.  “At the same time, the emergency crews have to take appropriate precautions.  Ultimately, I know that everyone is behind them and believes they are doing their best.”

Hughes said the Algo Mall is a central point for the community and questions about the future of things like Service Canada, businesses that employ hundreds of people, and even the joint-constituency office she shares with MPP, Michael Mantha will be part of the next phase as the community comes to grips with the tragedy.

“I urge people to remain patient through this difficult time,” said Hughes. “While our office there has been closed, our phone lines remain open. We will do all we can to support the families and businesses in our community as we work through this tragedy.”