OTTAWA – On the first day of Autumn, with furnaces set to roar into action across Northern Ontario, Algoma-Manitoulin-Kapuskasing MP Caro Hughes is asking why the Conservative government made the cost of heating fuel even more expensive.

Northerners, who already pay higher fuel prices than people in major centres, now face an additional 8% charge on their fuel as a result of the HST

“This year, their heating bills are going to increase by 8% because the Conservative Government has applied the HST to heating,” said Hughes. “(It is) a development that sends shivers down the spine of most Northerners”

The HST came into force in Ontario on July 1st with the urging of the federal government who gave the province $4 billion to implement the tax. It has raised the price of critical items like heating fuel and everyday items such as haircuts and prepared food.

The implementation of the HST has effectively turned back the cuts to the GST as the taxation rate creeps back toward the 15% Ontarians were paying prior to the GST rate cuts. It also applies to more items than the previous tax regime, meaning Ontarians are paying more tax than they did a year ago.

New Democrats are calling on the federal government to work with them to make Ontario drop the HST on essentials like heating fuel and gas.