MP places blame on province and federal government as Town Centre set to close

OTTAWA – Algoma-Manitoulin-Kapuskasing MP, Carol Hughes took two levels of government to task for abandoning their responsibility to Hornepayne and its Town Centre in a statement delivered in the House of Commons on Monday.

As the Town Centre sets to close it doors on Thursday, Hughes took a moment to point out that concerns voiced by provincial New Democrats when the Centre was built and again by federal NDP MPs, when CN was privatized, have turned out to be ominous predictions.

The closure means massive adjustment for Hornepayne as the township scrambles to relocate tenants and will be forced to do without a hotel, gymnasium and swimming pool with no plans to replace these community focal points.

Hughes indicated the federal government was less than helpful, offering only a pittance for marketing at the 11th hour when it was far too late in the process. “They offered nothing from the stimulus spending that built rinks, gazebos and toilets in wealthy towns, but passed over Hornepayne in its hour of need,” said Hughes.

According to Hughes the Province is the most responsible for Hornepayne’s crisis. “The money they ultimately allocated for severing and decommissioning the complex - half a million dollars - would have gone a long way to sweeten the pot for investors,” added Hughes.

“Residents of Hornepayne will never give up on their community and will work to recover what they have lost,” concluded Hughes. “They will never forget how the federal and provincial governments shrugged their shoulders and walked away when they needed them the most.”