High Rolling Politicians Should Foot Their Own Bill: Hughes

Ottawa - Canadians shouldn’t have to subsidize well paid politicians on vacation says Algoma-Manitoulin-Kapuskasing MP, Carol Hughes.

Hughes delivered a strong statement in the House of Commons condemning the actions of Conservative Senator, Mike Duffy who was caught claiming expenses while on vacation in January of 2012.

“Conservative Senator Mike Duffy tried to claim expenses for Senate business while on a Caribbean cruise,” said Hughes. “Expenses he repaid only after he got caught.”

Hughes said the Prime Minster has not shown leadership or taken responsibility for his Senate appointments, but has grabbed every opportunity to leave the country as the scandal grows. 

The leadership vacuum isn’t limited to the Prime Minister says Hughes.   Liberals and Conservatives are hypocritically defending their own Senators caught cheating without displaying an ounce of contrition.

“While Liberals and Conservatives continue to defend the indefensible, New Democrats will always put constituents first, fight these spending abuses, and hold these undemocratic and unaccountable Conservative and Liberal Senators to account,” said Hughes.