Government Stacking Tribunals with Political Pals: Hughes

Ottawa – The government’s accountability should be judged by actions and not words according to Algoma-Manitoulin-Kapuskasing, MP Carol Hughes who took aim at patronage appointments in Question Period today.

Hughes showed how the Conservatives are stacking tribunals with partisans who are not allowed to be involved in political activities – yet are.

“In 2006 the Prime Minister announced he would create “a new culture of accountability that will change forever the way business is done in Ottawa,” said Hughes.  “Instead, it’s business as usual.”

Despite the appointments flying under the radar as a result of ethics scandals surrounding the Prime Minister’s office and Senate expense discrepancies, Hughes feels the issue is too important to ignore.

“Look no further than the new Social Security Tribunal – in existence for less than two months, and already stacked with failed Conservative candidates and insiders,” said Hughes. “ Or the EI Boards it replaced, where political appointees regularly broke the rules to donate to the Conservative Party.”

Hughes contends that the Conservative’s priority is not restoring trust in government as much as it is rewarding insider friends.  The rules for tribunals have clearly been broken and the government is claiming nothing is wrong.

“The rules are very clear: individuals who held the position of president could not participate in political activities,” said Hughes. “Will the Government ask the Conservative Party to repay these illegal donations?”