Future retirees and parliament need the straight goods

Ottawa – People need to know if the government has already decided to raise the age of eligibility for Old Age Security, especially those collecting CPP Disability benefits, according to Carol Hughes.

Hughes, the MP for Algoma-Manitoulin-Kapuskasing, was demanding this of the government today in question period.  Having relayed the circumstance of a constituent who will suffer a significant income gap if OAS is pushed back two years, Hughes pointed out that there are many Canadians who need to know exactly what the government is planning to do.   Hughes used the individual’s own figures to illustrate the impending problem for people who will share the circumstance of this individual.

“He receives about $1,000 a month in CPP disability, but this will be slashed when he turns 65 when OAS is supposed to kick in,” said Hughes.  “If he has to wait until he’s 67, he’ll lose close to $600 a month for two full years and he’s not alone.”

Hughes concluded with the question that is on many pre-retirement Canadian’s minds.  “Is the government going to raise OAS from 65 to 67?”

Hughes points out the contradiction on the government’s part who have been encouraging more Canadians to make plans for their retirement while holding back important information about the future of OAS that will help inform this planning for most people.

“I think this government needs to come clean about their plan,” Hughes continued on the subject outside the chamber.  “The Parliamentary Budget Officer tells us there is no looming crisis and the government did not produce a promised report on the subject in 2007.  Ultimately the government is not transparent or being helpful on this issue.”






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