Families targeted in budget bill despite government claims

OTTAWA – Government claims that the budget is helping families are way off base according to Algoma-Manitoulin-Kapuskasing, MP Carol Hughes.   In the MP’s opinion it seems more that families are being targeted.  

Hughes put the government claim on the hot seat and showed how the cuts are reckless and will hurt families in more ways than one in the House of Commons on Tuesday.

Using the closure of the Kapuskasing Experimental Farm as an example, Hughes illustrated how it is not just the direct jobs lost and those families in the immediate line of fire who will be affected; it is the family farms that rely on the research from these government research farms that will suffer as well. 

“For farmers in Northern Ontario and Quebec, their unique type of research cannot be generated at any other (existing) research station because of the focus on northern climate,” said Hughes. 

Hughes is joining with other New Democrats in calling for the omnibus budget bill to be broken up into manageable sections that relate to more specific ministries such as Agriculture and Agrifood in order to properly study the massive and broadly focused budget. 

The cuts to Canada’s experimental farms should be studied along with sections that change the Seeds Act and the Canadian Food Inspection Agency by the appropriate committee and with evidence from farmers and families that will be most affected by the cuts according to New Democrats.

That doesn’t mean that Hughes is giving up hope for the future of the Kapuskasing Experimental Farm and she challenged the government and its many rural MPs to join with New Democrats in the battle to save experimental farms across Canada. 

“Instead of putting people out of work, will he work with us to save the jobs at the Kapuskasing Experimental Farm,” she concluded.