GORE BAY – Carol Hughes and guest, Ontario NDP Leader, Andrea Horwath met with Gore Bay and area constituents last night in Buoy’s Restaurant. The event was well-attended and allowed residents a chance to mingle and talk both federal and provincial politics.

Travelling with staffer Michael Mantha, Hughes was impressed by the food Buoy’s owner Richard Anger prepared, which was mostly local. Hughes spoke with local farmers who raised concerns about agricultural policy.

“I heard about unfair competition from imported food and how the corporate stranglehold on seeds is making things more difficult for our own famers,” said Hughes. “They were telling me that the NDP are on the right track and that our work on terminator seeds was appreciated.”

The event allowed Hughes to thank locals for their work in bringing issues to her attention and for working together with her, and her office, to get results for Northern Ontario. Hughes cited examples like the repaving of Gore Bay’s Airport, the launch of GIMA Radio in M’Chigeeng, and the paved shoulders for bicycles Highway 6.

Hughes and Horvath will wrap up their tour today by participating in the opening parade of the Massey Fair.