Ottawa – The Conservative budget has left the provinces in the lurch and put the heat on front line health care workers according to Carol Hughes.

Hughes, the MP for Algoma-Manitoulin-Kapuskasing, was on her feet in Question Period grilling the government on broken promises by dumping fiscal problems and obligations on the provinces’ doorsteps in yesterday’s budget.

“When it comes to health care, the provinces have given this government a failing grade,” said Hughes. “Instead of strengthening health care, this week’s budget downloaded even more costs to the provinces.”

Hughes noted that the increased health care burden amounts to a piling on when one considers the huge costs provinces will incur from the Conservatives misguided prisons agenda.  She pointed out the Conservatives are rejecting their responsibilities for health care and the Premiers are furious with them.

“By announcing changes to provincial health transfers, the Conservatives are directly attacking frontline health care,” said Hughes. “The Conservatives had promised not to touch health transfers.” 

The Conservatives have abandoned a number of solemn promises in their budget including mandating changes to increase the age of eligibility for Old Age Security which also has implications for the provinces and their social programs that support seniors on pensions.

“When will it (this government) finally start listening to the provinces, and come up with a health care funding formula that actually works for Canadians? concluded Hughes.”




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