Award winning businesses the pride of the North: Hughes

Ottawa – Award winning businesses benefit their communities in more ways than one says Algoma-Manitoulin-Kapuskasing MP, Carol Hughes.

Hughes heaped praise on Northern Ontario Business Award recipients Relais Magpie Relay, Waubetek Business Development Corp, and Northern Truss in the House of Commons Thursday as she delivered a tribute to their business acumen and civic engagement.

“Small Businesses are the backbone of our economy and represent tremendous risk for entrepreneurs, but when they flourish so do our communities,” said Hughes.  “That’s why I am so pleased to pay tribute to some of the winners from this year’s Northern Ontario Business Awards.”

Award recipients are evaluated on a number of criteria including customer service, community involvement, human resource management, and future planning.

“Pat Dubreuil won Entrepreneur of the Year for Relais Magpie Relay in Dubreuilville which draws snowmobilers from across North America,” said Hughes. “Birch Island’s Waubetek Business Development Corp won the First Nations Business Award of Excellence for their involvement in 3,000 Aboriginal businesses.”

Hughes then feted Moonbeam’s Northern Truss which took home the Company of the Year award for the 1 - 15 employee category.

“Luc Bouchard took mortgaged his home to start his business,” said Hughes.  “Now it’s the North’s go-to outlet for the design and manufacturing of pre-fab and custom wood projects.”

Hughes told the Commons how the company’s constant growth in the market has created good, full-time jobs in addition to work for students and seasonal employees.  She explained that the accomplishments are not just limited to business acumen telling how Northern Truss is supportive of many activities in the community.

“Contributions to schools, organizations, and sports teams show Northern Truss is a boon to the community,” said Hughes.