Autumn Peltier’s nomination inspirational: Hughes

Ottawa – A young activist from Wiikwemkoong Unceded Territory who is the only Canadian nominee for a prestigious international award was lauded in parliament by Algoma-Manitoulin-Kapuskasing, MP Carol Hughes.

Autumn Peltier’s nomination for the International Children’s Peace Prize is the product of dedication and a determined effort to protect water resources and the environment, according to Hughes.

“At thirteen years old, Autumn is an inspirational activist who opposes environmental degradation and the threat that pipelines represent,” said Hughes.  “She has addressed the Assembly of First Nations, and spoke with the Prime Minister on behalf of the water she loves.”

Hughes told MPs that Autumn speaks for water because water doesn’t have a voice, and that she wants her advocacy to inspire people to come together.

“Just like any other young person, Autumn has hopes and dreams for her future,” said Hughes. “What she doesn’t want to imagine is a future where we don’t have clean drinking water.”

Hughes urged MPs support Autumn’s efforts by doing all they can to protect our water.