All Lake Huron Municipalities Deserve to be Heard on Water Levels: Hughes

Ottawa –  All municipalities and First Nations struggling to adapt infrastructure to historic low water levels in Lake Huron should be able to meet with high ranking Cabinet Ministers says Algoma-Manitoulin-Kapuskasing MP, Carol Hughes.

Hughes raised the issue in question period after learning that Mayors from Conservative ridings are having their concerns heard in a special meeting with the Minister of Foreign Affairs next Monday.

“Municipalities and First Nations from Manitoulin and the North Shore would love to be invited, and they’re not alone,” said Hughes.

Hughes has been up on water related issues in question period this week and working in concert with Algoma-Manitoulin MPP, Michael Mantha to make certain no stone is left unturned in Parliament or at Queen’s Park. 

“There is a deadline approaching for the Chi Cheemaun ferry that is coming fast,” said Mantha.  “But there are communities all around Lake Huron struggling to keep up with a moving target and they deserve to be heard too.”

Hughes hopes the government takes a more inclusive approach to addressing these unique infrastructure challenges starting with the meeting on Monday.

“As Lake Huron levels drop costs for municipalities, business, and people all around the basin rise,” said Hughes.  “Is this just a courtesy call or will the Minister meet with all communities struggling to stay afloat?”