OTTAWA – People in Hearst will benefit from the announcement of another Community Service Officer being added to the Kapuskasing Service Canada office, according to Carol Hughes. Before this position was created, Service Canada had been sending a case-worker to Hearst for one day every second week, but now they will be able to send a worker to that community for a day every week.

“This is an improvement in service for the people of Hearst,” said Hughes. Some people were being forced to travel to Kapuskasing to receive timely service. “Now the people of Hearst won’t have to wait as long to get help in their own community.”

The development is also good news for the people in and around Kapuskasing since they will have better service in the community without having to phone call-centres or navigate websites.

“When the Minister tells us to just have these people go online to get help, I have to remind her that not everyone is able to do that and many people aren’t comfortable with the option,” Said Hughes. “It is obvious that the web-based services they provide are not always appropriate for every region of Canada.”

The announcement comes after lobbying from both Hughes and the town of Hearst.

“I’m glad the Minister listened to the concerns that we brought to her attention,” said Hughes. When you have the MP and the town asking for improvements in service, for the same reasons, it makes for a compelling argument.”