A Nation Comes Together for the Love of Sport

As the Vancouver 2010 Olympic Games officially come to a close, we, as a nation, have been reminded of the things that tie us together. The Olympics have given Canadians a renewed spirit and a sense of camaraderie. They have given us a chance to set aside our differences, and come together as a nation in solidarity, with the common goal of celebrating the things that make Canada such a unique and culturally-rich nation.

All across the riding, from Nairn Centre to Elliot Lake, from Blind River to Manitouwadge and Hornepayne, and everywhere in between, people have come together to share in this event that is universal, but in this instance, wholly Canadian. The people in these and surrounding communities turned out in droves and braved the harsh weather to watch as the Olympic Torch Relay made its way towards Vancouver as it stopped in selected communities for celebrations. Although the relay was not scheduled between Smooth Rock Falls and Hearst, some residents were lucky enough to have shared a few special moments as a portion of the caravan travelled through for its rendezvous with the rest of the tour. Billions of people tuned in to watch the Opening Ceremonies, which did an outstanding job of telling the story of a young nation whose roots are as diverse as its citizens. The story of the First Nations people was particularly moving, as several members from First Nations communities within the riding participated in showcasing the aboriginal people of Canada to the world at large.

Many people across Algoma-Manitoulin-Kapuskasing took it upon themselves to volunteer and work at the opposite end of our vast nation to help deliver the games to the world. From construction workers, to telecommunications specialists, to volunteers, the people who took time out of their lives to help put on the biggest show in the world deserve our sincerest thanks.

As the games officially got underway, we, as Canadians, collectively cheered as our world class athletes won events, sighed when they fell behind, and became enthralled by the amazing stories of courage and determination. The Canadian spirit has been on display in our schools, restaurants, winter carnivals, places of business, everywhere. It’s difficult not to feel like part of something much bigger than ourselves when we view a sea of red and white jerseys cheering on Team Canada. We have shown the world at large that Canada produces some of the strongest and most talented athletes on earth. We have also shown, as the host country, the Canadian values of hospitality and good-will that Canada has always been known for on the world stage.

As the Olympic Games come to a close, we still have the Paralympic Games to look forward to. The amazing athletic prowess the Paralympians will show at these games will stand as a testament to the strength and resolve Canada is known for.
We Believe! Go Canada Go!