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February 4th, 2016

Auditor General Report confirms CPP disability tribunal isn’t performing

Most people who work in Canada pay into social program schemes, some of which are designed to act as a safeguard against the loss of income. Employment Insurance is one of those programs and CPP, which most people know as a pension scheme, is another. That’s because CPP processes disability claims which are a much needed source of income for Canadians who are dealing with a change in their ability to work due to severe and prolonged disabilities often related to illness or accident.

January 29th, 2016

Human Rights Tribunal opens door for First Nations children

Canadians have so much to be proud of, yet there is still a lot of inequity to be addressed. This is all the more obvious now that a Human Rights Tribunal ruling has confirmed what many of us have known for years - that First Nations children are not receiving the same treatment and government support that other children in our nation enjoy. The landmark ruling states that the federal government discriminated against First Nations’ children by providing less money for child welfare on reserve.